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Sheldon J. McManus


Bryan K. McManus

McManus Construction, LLC. located in Lake Charles, Louisiana is a family owned and operated civil construction company with over four decades of experience. Established in 1970, the company set out to become the best civil contractor whose skills, knowledge and approach were combined to produce excellent and reliable timely site preparation for private and commercial customers.

The company has since expanded its services to large sitework, drainage, concrete and paving projects for government, industrial, and commercial clients. Today, McManus Construction is one of the largest civil contractors in Southwest Louisiana.

Years of experience and expanded services enable McManus Construction, LLC to offer a wide variety of services to fill all the site preparation, paving, and drainage construction needs of our customers. We provide all your construction services necessary to transform land into a site ready for building. We are equipped to handle projects ranging from several thousand to multi-million dollars with a bonding capacity of twenty million dollars.

McManus Construction employs approximately 75 employees, which fluctuates with our work demands. The company focuses on projects primarily based in Southwest Louisiana ranging from $10,000 to $20,000,000. We have had the opportunity to work on some of the largest, most visible projects throughout the region. Over time, these projects have developed into repeat business and lasting relationships.

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